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Atlas is a celebration of the golden age of cocktails and Art Deco design. It's bar menu and decor honor the 1920s time period of grand architecture, Jazz Age elegance, and (at least in America) prohibition-era speakeasies. Located within the striking Parkview Square building in the bustling Singapore downtown, Atlas combines opulence, intricate design, and an unrivaled selection of spirits and cocktails to create an unforgettable experience."Inspired by the glamorous Art Deco skyscrapers of Europe and New York", Atlas greets visitors into its grand lobby's soaring ceiling, central bar, and an awe-inspiring, three-story towering gin cabinet that houses one of the world's most extensive collections, boasting over 1,300 labels from around the globe.

Gin and Champagne are central to the Atlas offerings. It claims "two of the world's most remarkable physical collections of these beverages" which took over two years to curate and assemble. One of the signature drinks not to be missed is the Atlas G&T, a simple blend of London dry gin, Atlas burma tonic, and lemon - "A bright and spirited classic for when the sun shines on London". Champagne, meanwhile, provides more than fizz. The sparkling varietal adds acidity to cocktails such as the famous French 75. Atlas's "27 Rue de Fleurus" plays on the old tradition adding French Cognac, jasmine geranium, px sherry, and citrus to the Champagne.


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