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Bar Orchard

Tokyo, JAPAN

We're jetting off to Tokyo, straight to the heart of the bustling Ginza district. Here, hidden within the labyrinth of neon-lit streets and skyscrapers, you'll find a sweet little sanctuary called Bar Orchard, an intimate and innovative cocktail bar known for its creative, fruit-infused concoctions. This intimate nook of cocktail creativity, helmed by the dynamic duo, Takuo and Sumire Miyanohara, has been knocking the socks off patrons and even bagged a spot as No.28 on Asia's 50 Best Bars 2019 list and is easily one of the best cocktail bars in Japan.

Bar Orchard does things a bit differently.

Menus? Nah, they've tossed them out the window. Instead, you're presented with a cornucopia of seasonal fruits and invited to choose your poison, quite literally. Simply point to a fruit or ingredient, and they will craft a tailor-made drink that showcases their ingenuity and passion for mixology.

Then, the real magic happens. The Miyanoharas get to work, transforming your humble fruit selection into a cocktail masterpiece. The Miyanoharas take pride in their innovative approach, often incorporating exotic fruits and rare liqueurs in their drinks. They have a knack for capturing the essence of nature and infusing it into their tantalizing concoctions. You know it's not just your average cocktail bar when they're freezing cocktails with liquid nitrogen - it's like a scene out of a mad scientist's lab, but cooler. Like many of Tokyo's hidden gems for cocktails, Bar Orchard is found on the seventh floor of a nondescript office building and can fit only a dozen or so patrons. The confined setting allows for individual attention for a personalized and bespoke experience.

And they're not just fruit lovers at Bar Orchard. They've got a taste for the classics too. Moscow Mule? They've got you sorted. But why not throw a curveball and order a twist on the classic with ginger-infused vodka? Either way, your cocktail comes served in a chilled copper mug, because that's just how they roll. And for those tequila fans among us, Sumire is your go-to. This lady knows her agave spirits, so you might find yourself taking a delightful detour down tequila lane.

To top it all off, every cocktail at Bar Orchard is served up with a dash of spectacle and a heaping spoonful of creativity. Each cocktail is served in a vessel as unique as the drink itself. A pineapple-rum concoction may arrive in a miniature watering can to be poured over ice whereas a ginger-infused vodka might be served in a doll's bathtub. The vessel is as unique as the concoction itself, transforming the act of enjoying a cocktail into the presentation as much as the drinking.

If you ever find yourself navigating the electrifying streets of Tokyo's Ginza district, don't miss out on a visit to Bar Orchard. It's not just a bar, it's a cocktail adventure. After all, as one of the best cocktail bars in Tokyo, and indeed all of Japan, Bar Orchard is where the everyday becomes extraordinary, and every sip tells a story. Trust me, it's worth the detour.


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