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Gen Yamamoto

Tokyo, JAPAN

Japanese Bar Yamaoto Puts the Craftsmanship in Craft Cocktails Crafted from a 500-year-old Mizunara oak, the bar at Gen Yamamoto reflects Japanese tradition and elegance, offering an intimate experience with its exclusive eight-seat setting. It's in one of these seats that you'll experience one of the world's first omakase cocktail experiences, and one of the best cocktail bars in Japan. The term "omakase" is a Japanese phrase that translates to "I'll leave it up to you". It is commonly used in Japanese dining, particularly in sushi restaurants, where it grants the chef creative freedom to curate and serve a meal using the day's best ingredients, typically based on seasonality and freshness. In essence, choosing omakase implies that the guest trusts the chef's expertise and judgment in preparing an exceptional dining experience.

In the context of Bar Gen Yamamoto, "omakase" refers to the unique tasting menu of cocktails crafted by Gen Yamamoto. It showcases his creativity and expert use of seasonal ingredients, letting him guide the guest through a curated drinking experience.

Seasonal Signature Cocktails Cocktail bar Japan aficionados will marvel at Gen Yamamoto's signature omakase cocktail tasting menu, a series of finely crafted drinks that reflect "shiki", or Japanese seasonality. Derived from meticulously selected seasonal local fresh produce and top-tier liquors, the cocktails present a unique take on the season's bounty, their compositions changing daily with the freshest available ingredients.

Gen Yamamoto is committed to authenticity and transparency in his choice of spirits - selecting only those with fully disclosed ingredients. Coupled with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, these spirits metamorphose into one-of-a-kind cocktails, offering a storytelling experience through the language of flavors and aromas.

Every cocktail here is a testament to Yamamoto's creativity and skill. Combining elements like whiskey and ume plum, vodka and green cantaloupe, or gin with fresh peach and wasabi, Yamamoto orchestrates tastings that span the breadth of the flavor spectrum. Some drinks, like sake paired with sweet tomato or warm whiskey and apple, create a memorable balance of taste and temperature.

Hours and Pricing for Gen Yamamoto Menu The tasting menus begin at ¥6,200 for four cocktails, with options for six or seven cocktails priced at ¥8,000 and ¥8,900 respectively. The cocktails, while light in alcohol, offer an unmatched journey through textures, temperatures, and tastes, served in artful glassware crafted by local artists.

Opening from 3:00 p.m., reservations must be made over the phone a week in advance due to the bar's exclusivity. Though it's a considerable investment for a cocktail experience, the harmonious fusion of expertly crafted drinks, tranquil ambiance, and Yamamoto's personal touch justify every yen spent.

Bar Gen Yamamoto delivers more than just a cocktail bar Japan experience – it's a sensory voyage through Japan's seasonal landscape, narrated through the art of mixology. For those seeking an unforgettable tasting experience brimming with creativity, unmatched craftsmanship, and warm Japanese hospitality, Bar Gen Yamamoto is a must-visit destination.

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