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Please Don't Tell

New York, NEW YORK

Hidden behind the unassuming facade of a phone booth within Crif Dogs, a popular hot dog joint in the East Village, lies PDT (Please Don't Tell) - one of New York City's most renowned modern speakeasies. This clandestine cocktail bar offers an intimate, exclusive experience that will delight those seeking both inventive libations and a unique atmosphere.

To enter PDT, patrons must step into the vintage phone booth, pick up the receiver, and press a button to reveal the secret entrance. Once inside, you'll find a dimly lit, narrow space adorned with dark wood, cozy banquettes, and taxidermy, creating a warm, mysterious vibe that harkens back to the Prohibition era.

Standout drink options include the Benton's Old Fashioned, a smoky twist on the classic made with bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, and Angostura bitters, and the Shark, a visually striking concoction of butter-infused rum, Frangelico, lemon juice, and a "blood" float made from a mix of Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum and grenadine.

In addition to their exceptional cocktails, PDT also serves an exclusive selection of Crif Dogs creations, including the Chang Dog, a deep-fried bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with kimchi and a secret sauce, which pairs perfectly with the bar's inventive drink offerings.

Reservations at PDT are highly recommended, as the bar's limited seating fills up quickly, especially on weekends.


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